Our Successes We Fight for You

VetLAG has recovered tens of millions of dollars of benefits for veterans and their families. More than 25% of our clients have received checks from the VA in excess of $10,000 in retroactive benefits awards, with many receiving much more than that.  We have had many clients receive retroactive payments in excess of $100,000, including several retroactive awards greater than $300,000 and one award of $1.3 Million!

VetLAG attorneys are not afraid of a challenge and routinely take on clients who have lost their cases with other VSOs or lawyers representing them. These stories are examples of how VetLAG’s dedication to its clients can result in life-changing outcomes.

David Ruppell

sought VetLAG’s help with a claim for serious injuries to his back. He had three prior representatives who lost a combined four appeals over a four-year period. VetLAG immediately began working with David’s doctor to obtain a medical opinion that connected his disability with his military service. By January 2011, VetLAG submitted a legal brief to the VA along with the medical opinion and represented David in a new hearing. David finally won his claim in September 2011. He received back pay of $60,000+ a few weeks later.

Lauren Lee

is a twenty-four-year-old mother who will struggle to walk for the rest of her life. For three years, the VA denied that Lauren had been injured while in the Army despite her medical discharge for those injuries. She was represented during that time by a non-attorney. Lauren contacted VetLAG and we appealed her case. We met with the Alaska VA disability manager and showed him the clear and unmistakable error the VA previously made in her claim. While waiting for her claim to be granted, Lauren and her three year-old daughter became homeless. We asked the VA to expedite Lauren’s claim due to her dire situation and her inability to work. We submitted hundreds of records documenting Lauren’s injuries in the Army and had a doctor provide a thorough medical opinion that Lauren’s disability is from her injury in the Army. Still, the VA repeated the same error it had made for three years. We were confident we would win on appeal, but it would take 3-5 years—and Lauren was a homeless mother who could not walk and would need several more surgeries before she could work. We decided to try a more aggressive approach. We contacted the Anchorage Daily News, then met with the head of the Alaska VA disability system and alerted him to our contact with the newspaper. Within five days, the VA granted Lauren benefits for her injuries all the way back to the day she was medically discharged from the Army. There were still many errors in the VA’s decision and we filed an appeal on Lauren’s behalf, but she received a check for $21,936 and now receives enough monthly disability to take care of her daughter while her appeal is pending.

Robert Fairchild

witnessed the deaths of many of his friends; his unit was sent home early because it had sustained casualties too high to perform its mission. Robert had never been in trouble before he was sent to see the horrors of war. Since his return, he has been arrested six times, he has trouble associating with his family, and he keeps losing jobs because he is “difficult to get along with.”” He is also a straight-A honor roll student in college. The VA admitted that Robert suffers from PTSD, but claimed it did not affect his life. VetLAG reopened his claim based on clear and unmistakable error. The VA agreed with VetLAG, raised Robert’s rating, and made it effective to the day he made his first VA claim. He received a retroactive payment of nearly $55,000. We continue fighting for Robert because we believe we could get his ratings percentage raised even higher.


*Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.