Mobilize Your Cause!

Apps In Action: LGBT Impact California

Want to see an app in action? Check out the LGBT Impact California that helps California residents stay informed and engaged in LGBT issues in the state.  Users can: track legislation Equality California  is currently supporting or opposing; see where important meetings or demonstrations are; and instantly connect to their correct legislator via phone or email.

Mobile Tools for Advocacy Groups

Smartphones and tablet computers are powering a new age of political advocacy that goes beyond email. Is your group taking advantage of it? InstantIMPACT provides advocacy groups with customized apps that allow groups to mobilize their supporters in ways that were not possible before.

Online Tools To Update Your App

In addition to providing advocacy groups with mobile apps, InstantIMPACT also gives groups online tools to easily keep their app up to date. Using our simple administrative tool, keeping the news, legislation, and calls to action in your app update is a quick process and guarantees your members and supporters automatically have the latest information.

Advocacy America Tour

In March, 2011 we traveled across the country to meet with advocacy groups and highlight the efforts they are making to help shape their communities and the country.

Read about the highlighted groups here.

Mobilized Supporters

Mobile apps turn your members smartphones into mobile advocacy centers. You can easily alert users to new action campaigns on their device. Need your supporters to contact their legislator about a bill, ordinance, or resolution? Your custom app can not only alert users but also help them call or email the right legislator in seconds.

Legislative IMPACT!

When there is a bill, resolution, ordinance that is a priority for your advocacy group, InstantIMPACT makes it easy to inform your members. By logging into your online account, you can instantly update all app users with details about any important legislation.